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  • Pars Oil & Gas Company: Tracking System project in the Pars Economic Zone
  • SiminSepahan Co.: automatic toll collection system using RFID technology for bypass highway in the west of Isfahan
  • IRIB(Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) organization: RFID-based Vehicle Access Control System
  • Yasamin Co: providing Personal Identification System based on RFID
  • Darugar Co: RFID Pilot Implementation of Pallet Tracking System
  • Kish Veer Company: Subnet implementation of Personnel Access Control System
  • Iran Khodro Co.: Consulting & Design of Mother Parking Control System
  • Entrepreneurship Development Company of Iran: the contract of Vehicle Access Control System development
  • Ministry of Commerce: Personnel Access Control System
  • Isiran Co.: Personnel Access Control System
  • Pasteur Institute of Iran: Personnel Access Control System
  • Police: project of E-Passport Readers
  • IRIB Overseas Deputy: implementation of Personnel Access Control System for server room
  • National Library and Archives Organization of Iran (NLAI): Consulting and Investigation of Book & Document Management Systems
  • Providing consulting services in RFID Tracking & Identification Systems to dozens of organizations as well as large public and private firms in Iran

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