Company Intruduction

Tolue Co has established in 2002 to provide innovative RFID, GPS and Access Control solutions for customers within various industrial environments

During 2002-2012 Tolue has implemented hundreds of successful projects in tracking and tracing people, vehicles, assets and goods for various RFID applications such as Yard Management, Warehouse Management, Automatic Vehicle Identification, Access Control, etc…

Tolue is the founder and board member of Syndicates of Tracking and Tracing companies in Iran.also our website has introduced as the comprehensive source of RFID solutions in our country.

Thanks to our experienced technical team and effective communication with world’s largest RFID suppliers Tolue. Co has the capability to provid best effective solutions to meet the customer’s need.

At the moment, our business has spread out inside Iran, in various industries such as Oil and Gas, Banks, Car Manufacturing, Telecom Services, pharmaceutical and so on.

 Our mission  

  • Our mission is to make RFID esiear to understand and trusted to use
  • Our mission is to provide the customer with best fitted track and Trace solutions
  • Our mission is to represent Integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation all togather
  • Our mission is to guarantee success of every project  for the end user

       Tolue members

  • Tolue Idea Co.; Pioneer RFID Solution Provider
  • Tolue Pardis Co.; Provides Biometric and Access Control Systems
  • Tolue Aryan Co.: Provides Automatic Vehicle Locating (AVL) systems based on GPS/GPRS
  • Taha Sec Co.: Provides CCTV systems

 Our Expertise

  • We Advise, Design and Implement complicated RFID solutions
  • We have Professionals in Software Development
  • We effectively meet customers needs
  • We guarantee use up-to-date knowledge and deep experience in developing enterprise level software
  • We have well-known partners provide us with qualified brands from different countries
  • We offer the optimum system for any specific problem

Our Products

  • Nedap: Security Management Systems, Netherlands
  • Sensite Solutions: Active RFID Systems for track and trace and wireless telemetry, Netherlands
  • Unioncom (Virdi): Access control and Biometrics Systems, South Korea
  • Makim: Gates and Barriers, Turkey
  • Teltonika: AVL and GPRS systems, Lithuania
  • CPPlus: CCTV, Germany
  • Ekahau: Wi-Fi System for track and trace

Our cuctomers 

Tolue Engineering Group serves 600+ customers all around Iran, including:

  • Pars Oil and Gas Company; Track and Trace solution based on Active RFID
  • Iranian Parliament; Smart Voting System
  • Emdad Khodro Saipa; Vehicle Tracking System, based on GPS/GSM
  • Tehran Hospital Emergency; Vehicle Tracking System, based on GPS/GSM
  • SPGC; Vehicle Tracking System, based on GPS/GSM
  • Islamic Azad University; RFID Access Control System
  • Tejarat Bank; Time and Attendance and Access Control System