Vehicle Traffic Control Systems; long-range RFID


Nowadays, customers are much more interested in vehicle traffic control systems that are working as long-range. There were problems in the short-range systems that have been removed in these systems:
– Reducing traffic speed; readers’ limited and short-range requires that a driver shoving her/his hand out the open window and shows the card to reader. This will reduce traffic speed and may make long lines in your organization’s entry at the peak working hours.

– Physical sensitivity: If the tag have been mounted on the vehicle, where the reader is installed whether on the ground or along the route will be crucial.
– Necessity of reader’s installation in along the vehicle route; due to being short-range readers, these should be installed close to vehicle. And thus vehicle collision with the base of reader will be common and probable.
– Requiring ongoing support and maintenance

– Necessity of reader’s installation at 2 heights; required for light & heavy vehicles, as the drivers must show the card to reader.

In contrast, the following characteristics obtains:
– Long-range identification: it is possible to identify vehicles from 3 – 10 meters (optional settings).
– High-speed detection: no long queues at the entrance.
– No need to push down window and show the card
– No need for readers at two heights
– optimizing the processes (e.g., loading process, weighbridge, etc.)

Long-range vehicle systems which is provided by Tolue Engineering Co. are so varied and accommodate all your requirements:
– Long-range Passive UHF Systems (up to 4 meters)
– Long- range Active Systems (up to10 meters)
• Regular Tags
• Tags With Switch (to activate at any time)
• Industrial Tags, with Spark Resistant standard (ATEX) for oil & gas, and sensitive environments

– Vehicle and driver identification systems simultaneously; to ensure that only authorized people at time allowed can cross the gate
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