Customer Loyalty

The complexity of the present time, bringing advance Competition in the market businesses and effort to get more market share It is the defense of market share to competitors. As far as cost is expressed Attract new customers is 3 to 30 times the previous customer retention Customer-focused organization, customers become permanent clients are temporary They also say that loyal customers and thereby its profits more Guarantee because loyal customers are more profitable, higher repurchase, A major share of the market and the expansion of others, are introduced.

In this context, we suggest you use the identification system is Tolue clients. The system is based on the card reader is a short-range and software This lets you easily can customers To identify and provide services for this group of customers to them. Due to the formation of clubs in the various clients and customer discussion Customers in different categories and for Each in accordance with the defined services Banks, financial institutions and credit, and any organization, Followed by a special reverence for their business and their customers is vip This system can help to ensure this takes place. Tolue ready to cooperate in this area Providing solutions tailored to each organization to identify and honor its customers.