Our partners

Part of our strength at Tolue is our powerful partners who enable us to offer valuable offers to our customers. If you’re a supplier of IT/Security products looking to enter Iranian market, send us an email at: manager [at] tolue [dot] com to discuss possible cooperation opportunities.

Access Control:

  • Nedap: High-end Security Management and AVI products
  • VirdiTech: Biometrics Devices, used for Time & Attendance and Access Control
  • BoonEdam: High-quality Gates and Turnstiles from Netherlands
  • Tansa: Quality producer of Gates and Turnstiles from Turkey


  • IndigoVision: High quality, end-to-end Surveillance solutions


  • Sensite Solutions: Active RFID Systems for tracking and tracing, and wireless telemetry
  • Feig: Manufacturer of HF/UHF RFID Readers
  • D.O.Tel: Handheld devices

ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems):

  • Ekin: Speed Enforcement Cameras and Solutions
  • Tattile: Producer of Embedded License Plate Recognition Cameras
  • Teltonika: AVL and GPS devices to track vehicles and people