About Tolue

Established in 2002 at Tehran, Iran, Tolue Co. provides innovative IT and Security Solutions to private and public organizations in Iran.

Tolue has been pioneer in RFID market in Iran, as shows our website (www.rfid.ir)

Thanks to our technical expertise in different fields like Software, Hardware and our understanding of latest advances in Security and IT markets, we are able to provide high-quality solutions to wide variety of customers.

Our customers include Oil and Gas, Petrochemical plants, Carmakers, Banks, Governmental buildings, Shopping Centers and other market segments.

Whenever the customer wants to implement sophisticated integration, we’re the best choice they have. Tolue’s advantage is that, we listen to real needs and demands of the customers and match our offerings to those.

We provide the following products and services to our Iranian customers:

  • Access Control
    • Cards and Biometrics
    • Turnstiles and Gates
    • AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification)
  • CCTV and Video Surveillance
  • ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems); Speed Enforcement
  • ETC (Electronic Toll Collection)
  • PMS (Parking Management Systems)
  • AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locationing)
  • RFID Solutions
    • Yard Management, Tracking and Tracing, RTLS Solutions
    • Asset Management

From 2010, Tolue Co. is a Tolue Group company, along with three other companies.