Salaam, from Tehran, Iran

I’m glad to have the opportunity to introduce you to Tolue Co. Established in 2001, Tolue Co. is now a leading solutions provider in the field of Security Management, ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) and Identification solutions.

We offer RFID products and solutions since 2006 and therefore we’ve been pioneer in this area in Iran (hence our website is: We still provide RFID solutions, especially in tracking and tracing applications, ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) systems and Access Control.

Access Control and security management is another field of focus in Tolue Co. We provide mid-range to enterprise-level security solutions to mid- and high-end customers in Iran. Many big and well-known organizations in Iran are customers of us.

To complete our range of offerings in the security management, we also offer Video Surveillance products and solutions to a variety of customers.

We’ve got good expertise in Biometrics; with applications in personnel and customer identification, Time and Attendance, and voting applications.

In ITS, Tolue provides Speed Enforcement solutions to roads and municipalities, ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) systems and parking management solutions.

Because of our expertise in Biometrics and RFID, we also offer identification products to banks and other organizations to identify their customers, VIP customers and also their own personnel.

Whenever it comes to delivering solutions that work, customers choose to work with Tolue. With technical expertise in software and hardware, and proper knowledge of the technology, and right project management skills; we offer integration and results to our customers.

If you’re looking to enter Iranian market in areas explained above, feel free to contact us to discuss cooperation matters.