A new focus in Security Management

With organizations everywhere facing complex demands in terms of security needs, e.g. an increasing flow of people, a growing number of centrally supervised locations or business process support issues, it becomes essential to have a system that can accommodate these demands.

AEOS is a powerful, user-friendly access control and security management system based on smart network technology. Using the latest IT technology, AEOS offers you a reliable and future-oriented solution to all your security, people flow and business support issues- now and in the future. For example, the AEOS open architecture allows for peer to peer communication between IP devices and configurable access point behavior.

 AEOS Highlights

Security systems are invented to enforce your security procedures. Procedures that derive from your security policy, not from your systems’ limitations. Thanks to AEOS its open structure, its configurable behaviour, unlimited users, locations and almost unlimited possibilities to combine different identification and verification technologies simultaneously in one system, you can match your security requirements with your security system. This way, AEOS creates the most suitable solution to execute your security policy.

Behaviour Components

In the AEOS system, the behaviour of the hardware is determined by the software, creating a freely configurable and flexible system configuration. The AEOS behaviour components, AEbc’s, are embedded software components which determine the functionality of the hardware modules, and thus the functionality of your security system. Behaviour components can be added to the hardware with a simple mouse click, without restrictions.

Rule Engine

The AEOS rule engine provides for automatically and consequently taking actions upon predefined conditions. With this functionality, mutations in access rights, which are normally done by hand can be automated and executed based on specific conditions, so called rules. These rules can be pre-specified and derive directly from the companies’ security policy. The rule engine reduces the risk of human error and, more important saves you time as it quickly and simply keeps your authorizations up to date.

Security Levels

Under normal circumstances security management systems allow organizations to regulate and closely monitor employee and visitor traffic. In case of a calamity this carefully constructed control often needs to be given up in a single moment. With the AEOS feature security levels it is possible to change the authorizations of persons and vehicles from on moment to the other with only one click on a button. By pre-defining various security levels and categorizing everyone who has access to the premises, it is possible to manipulate peoples’ and vehicles’ access rights instantly upon changed circumstances that will affect your security seriously. Every organization can predefine its own crisis scenarios and use these to switch to a different access mode, with different authorization templates in a matter of seconds in case of a deviant situation like a threat or an emergency.

Sound investment

AEOS has been developed to enable you to implement a security management system easily and economically.Whether you need security for a small facility or a major enterprise with multiple branches, AEOS will prove a sound and appropriate investment. Moreover,AEOS allows you to make better use of previously made investments in IT infrastructure and legacy systems.

Case Study: Security Management at Geneva Airport

Securing and controlling a dynamic environment like an international airport requires a flexible access control system, based on state of the art technology which is able to meet present demands as well as future security requirements.

Simultaneous implementation of multiple reader- and credentials technology in the AEOS security management system. Implementation of extensive monitoring, visitor-, contractor-, and vendor & permit management. The implemented features enhance the security standards and provide for comfortable and reliable access for both persons as vehicles.

To comply with the severe security regulations for airports the contractors, vendors and employees can be managed effective and separately via contractor and vendor management as well as permit management.

This way the system supports people flow management and your business operations.

Due to the large population of people at airports extensive monitoring is required, especially in the vital areas of airports. Access to these vital areas is checked very carefully. At each area, not only the badge movements are monitored in the system but also visual verification takes place at a 24/7 manned security desk. The security officer verifies via the photo event monitor in AEOS whether the person who is presenting the badge really is the rightful badge owner.

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