Any large organization or small business, economic, industry does To register your attendance at work and calculations necessary personnel in the performance due to time spent on work attendance systemThe work done by the attendance.

Due to the need of the kind of identity Ahzar to participate in various types of work, such as:





Face Detection

Depending on the needs and desires of the organization, managers can combine And (For example, enter the code with the registered fingerprint for authentication) Or OR (the card or the Code or any other method of authentication) can be mentioned.

Readers that Tolue offers easy to install and use. The so-called Plug & Play to say Direct connection to electronic locks or access control gates could affect items Select Reader in attendance, as well as the dimensions ReaderCan be integrated with access control gates.

Other important characteristics in selecting attendance device can be cited as follows:

ID card / code / fingerprint

Anti-scratch and anti-fraud fingerprint identification capabilities

The ability to enter and exit through the login password

Equipped with internal memory to record traffic log on disconnect

Possibility of data transfer through Ethernet port

Possibility of data transfer with USB port

Direct connectivity to the Internet and transfer traffic through the web server without the need for valid attendance

Data transfer and receive commands through a web server

Color display

Support from the Persian solar calendar

Functionality of the device in both the offline and online

Profile transfer personnel from one device to another device through a web based software

To remove fingerprints and transmitting fingerprint data through Web services on the Internet

The possibility of transmission of fingerprints and settings from one device to another device through a web based software

To gather all the fingerprints in the database to SQL SEVER automatically