If your company or organization in addition to personnel also accepts visitors and guests, you will most likely be interested in this system. traditional method for accepting the guest is in exchange for an ID card, a sheet  is given to guest – that should be signed by visited person- In order to can take his/her card back.

It has disadvantages:
– Guest can also travel and be entered to other parts of the organization.
– In case of guest’s access to unauthorized areas, only afterwards this can be identified when It‘s probably too late!
– It’s not clear exactly how long the guest has been present in the organization;
and whether he/she has spent all this time with visited person or not?
– There is no possibility of guest’s pre-announcement automatically

- There is no possibility of taking statistics from guests and the most visited people in organization.

Intangible Traffic Control (Hands-free)

Like some of our customers; you might also be interested in tracking your personnel insensibly. In this type of traffic control system, people are not forced to show their card to reader “in the close distance “for crossing the doors; but the card is read from 3/4 meters away. And door will be opened to them, while this traffic is also recorded in the system. As system administrator, you can get a detailed report of your corporate travel. The advantage of this method that is named Intangible or Hands-free (its accurate translation is non intervention hands!) is the traffic in your organization can be done quickly and very flowing. You will be also able to install the short-range systems on some of doors. And thus for entry/ exit, people’s card are required to approach.

Note that the range of these systems to identify is 3-4 meters; it can be also increased up to10 meters. Due to your organizational structure and map, if it is necessary to enhance the range of identification in your area, perhaps you will need to personnel tracking systems which can identify people and equipment at a distance of 100 and even 300 meters. Here we have described the systems.

Selection and installation of long-range systems are required to the expertise due to their various abilities and limitations; therefore, contact Tolue Engineering Co. experts to select appropriate system for your organization carefully.