Implementing automatic toll system in freeway of Isfahan

Tolue Engineering co. is proud to be introduced as the first conductor of automatic toll system in the country.

Tolue Engineering Company’s researchers found that the use of bill to pay toll causes the low-speed of movement in many country’s highways. This, in addition to the waste of time for drivers, also is not desirable for the highway’s constructing company. The transfer of bills as the securities results in the time consuming administrative procedures too. Simin Sepahan Co., the constructor of western bypass highway of Isfahan signed the Contract for the implementation of toll’s automated collection system using RFID with Tolue Engineering Co.

The use of this system can be very effective for speeding up traffic on the freeway and the increase of staff productivity as well as the satisfaction of drivers, According to Mr. Mahmoud Momenzadeh, Simin Sepahan co. director.

There are many years that this system is used in advanced countries under different names. In our country, it has been first operated by Tolue Engineering Co.