IranKhodro, the biggest Middle East’s carmaker and the pioneer in Iran, recently renewed its Access Control system, along with its Time & Attendance hardware and software. In this unique project, more than 25,000 personnel were given ContactLess cards and their entrance and exit are controlled by more than 75 turnstiles. The commissioning of this big project took more than 2.5 years and different units of the carmaker were involved in the project, including Security division, Administration, Information Technology and Payroll division. The Time & Attendance software was also updated to the most flexible software where IranKhodro can define its own rules for calculation of Payroll.

 This project is unique in the sense of # card, # turnstiles, sophistication of T&A rules and integration of Access Control and T&A and that several units were directly involved in it.

 DESfire cards were used in order to increase the security of the system.