ZoneTraQ is a web-based solution for supervision and surveillance zones that enabels you monitor occurrences in different zones. You will visually recognize position of people, equipments and vehicles on a GIS map. This data is initially gathered by a RFID system which is implemented in that area. ZoneTraQ translates RFID data and show it in a visual interface.

For Hot Spots that access restrictions is necessary, ZoneTraQ provides an access control solution which could be integrated with any hardware with a standard protocol.

 Another advantage to take from ZoneTraQ is Safety for personnel. Gathering sensor data from all over the area, ZoneTraQ will provide the HSE supervisory team with necessary information about human safety status in the zone.


Zone Access

You can trust the security of your zone using an access control in your yard management. In case of any violation, software generates appropriate alarms and log of the need to mention how exct and suitable it could be.

Zone Monitor

You need a wide comprehensive eye on every single movement of all tagged objects in the area; you will have it in real time by ZoneTraQ.

 It helps the supervisor to have a detailed online Big-Picture of what is going on in a wide area such as an Oil Refinery Plant.Web-based reporting is another tool to provide accurate data of who-was-where and reviewing past events.

Zone Safety

When your personel safty matters, you can guarantee their health and safety in the work environment using this section.

ZoneTraQ processes all sensor data such as dangerous Gas, fire and smoke, vital signals of the personnel, etc… and generates necessary alarms to inform the supervisor any emergent status in a specific zone. It also reports in real time the list of personnel who are in a dangerous zone so the rescue team could manage to act more efficiently to take them out.

Key Features

  • Web based
  • Online Monitoring
  • User enrollment and tag issue
  • easy integration with hardware, such as RFID and Access Control system
  • Monitoring movements of staff, vehicles and important assets on a GIS map
  • Virtual Access Fence
  • Anti-theft applications along with track and trace
  • Check personnel safety in a hazardous area
  • Efficient resource allocation for rescue in case of emergency
  • Physical Access policies
  • Reporting in different formats (Excel, csv, html,…)
  • Displays tag battery status in real time and battery replacement alarm
  • Defines Hot Spots for precise locating
  • Generates Trajectory of past movements on the map
  • Shows deadlines for sensor calibration and generates alarm for crossing due dates
  • Search objects on the map
  • Generates Alarm for un-authorized access
  • Suitable to integrate with any RFID Yard Management System
  • Suitable for huge organizations, oil and gas refineries, airports, etc…